Jimmy Crack Corn Song Words

jimmy crack corn song words

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Accessed July 1, 2014Melody[edit]Toggle navigation 5 Terrifying Origin Stories Behind Popular Children's Songs Articles Browse By Movies & TV Music Celebrities Tech Sex Sports News Science History Weird World Video Games All Articles Videos Browse By After Hours The Stumbling Dead Antiheroes Adventures in Jedi School Rom.com Welcome Back, Potter Artist in Residency Today's Topic The Spit Take Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder 8-Bits Marvels of the Science Dispatches From Goddamn Space Does Not Compute The Katie Willert Experience Cracked Advice Board Agents of Cracked Cracked TV Lonny Cracked Cut-Ups Stuff That Must Have Happened The Start Up Sketch Competition All Videos Photoplasty Pictofacts Personal Experiences Forums More More Events LinkSTORM The Cracked Podcast Craptions Classics Greatest Hits The Cracked Bunker A Negro SongExternal links[edit]Eminem & 50 Cent] Maaaaan! Let's go Hey yo Fif' Yeah? Call 'em and tell 'em It's time to hate us again We're back Haha Jimmy can crack corn but I don't care My enemies crack corn but I don't care6 You can be black white or albino yeah You can have cornrows inside your hair I give a fuck if I don't like your stare This bottle of wine goes upside your head6 A little bit psycho but I know that Think you just don't say it and I won't say it See if you don't brag then I don't brag I know I'm bad as long as I know I'm bad I don't need ya'll to co-sign no shit You can just keept making them tired old threats Little bit like the boy who cried wolf did3 See me but don't dare to try no shit Cuz you know that somewhere inside those layers The rattlesnakes right there to bite your ass And I can be so quite and strike so fast Like lightening bolts right out the sky go blast From out of nowhere you might find your career Come to with eek and I'm just like OH YEAH See us on the award shows and we're like OH YEAH Can we get more of those they like OH YEAH See us keep blowing up we're like OH YEAH So Jimmy can crack corn but I don't care See me in the videos I'm like OH YEAH See me ride up close, your like OH EM' And where's D12 at they like WE OVER HERE4 And where the fuck we goin' we're like NOWHERE You jealous little fucks beg for my attention but I done told you once I'm not the kind of attention you want3 If I tell you twice then I won't be so nice If you keep coming back that only means you know you lost the fight They wanna talk shit let them talk shit cuz they talk shit Knowing deep down they really just wanna squash it Cuz no one wants to walk around steppining dog shit And get doo doo on their shoe again as soon as they wash it But the pride won't let em inside they like go get em And I'm just like why you trying to fight momentum We just keep winning by landslides oh an um Shady Limiteds in any size yo denim to velour Even our clothing lines on fire As 50 would said our clothing lines on FIRE4 Meanwhile your mind's on us like mine's on Mariah3 And you all just like her your all fucking liars But I'll just keep fucking you like I fucked her3 Right in the ass with K-Y yessir So full of joy boy am I absurd Even Chingy would tell you yeah boy don't curr4 See us on the award shows and we're like oh yeah Can we get more of those they like oh yeah See us keep blowing up we're like oh yeah So Jimmy can crack corn but I don't care See me in the videos I'm like oh yeah See me ride up close your like oh Em' And where's G-Unit at they like we over here And where the fuck we goin' we're like no where Your homie got clapped on, man I don't care3 The cops in my nana crip but I'm not there It is what it is dog man life's not fair Your friends should have known not to front 'round here Listen kid where I'm from the wolves smell fear They'll strip your ass of your jewels right here Man I'm gonna say this one time and get this clear Man you can catch a hot one like out of no where Beautiful day without drama is rare Your girl's a freak man sometimes we share Yeah I wear a condom and you go bear You probably heard about me I'm a shown up player In the hood politicin' like I'm running for mayor Running, winding, donning and shining you know what I'm saying I ain't got time for fucking around and horse playing I'm making hits my homies taking hits whose staying Writer(s): Curtis James Jackson, Luis Edgardo Resto, Marshall BJim crack corn &c1 Whose Tail? 8 Apr 2017 2 Whose Mouth? 8 Apr 2017 3 Whose Feet? 8 Apr 2017 4 Whose Ears? 8 Apr 2017 5 Where is it? #2 8 Apr 2017 More Newly Added Songs Most Popular Categories Great starting points to find inspiration.Genres Rock R&B Country Hip Hop/Rap Pop Christian Top Lyrics Top Songs Top Artists Top Albums Upcoming Songs Upcoming Albums Billboard Hot 100 SongLyrics Advertise on SL Featured Blogs Contact Us Music News Privacy Policy Terms of Use Company Copyright 2017 SongLyrics Follow us: Facebook Twitter About SoundMedia Artists: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

Some believe that it refers to Viking attacks back in the 11th century1965: "The Folk Song Army" by Tom Lehrer (That Was the Year That Was) There are innocuous folk songs, But we regard 'em with scornCHORUS: Jim crack corn I don't care, Jim crack corn I don't care, Jim crack corn I don't care, Old Massa gone away^ Wright, Johnand More Hits (Remastered) When I was young, I used to wait On master and give him his plate And pass him the bottle when he got dry And brush away the blue tail fly Jimmy, crack corn, I don't care Jimmy, crack corn and I don' (CHORUS)89,613 Views The Secret Reason Why Abrasive Jerks Usually Win 539,346 Views 5 Horrifying Murderers (You Never Knew Got Away With It) 714,610 Views 6 Hilariously Elaborate Ways People Cheated At Stuff 14,619 Views This App Is Hollywood's Secret Screenwriter Weapon 38,292 Views 5 Really Weird Side Effects Of My Learning Disability Articles Music 5 Terrifying Origin Stories Behind Popular Children's Songs 5 Terrifying Origin Stories Behind Popular Children's Songs Facebook Twitter Google Plus Stumble Upon Reddit Pinterest By John Kroes September 21, 2012 2,519,499 views 604 0 0 0 2 1,270 If we've ever made you laugh or think, we now have a way where you can thank and support us! Make a contribution As nauseatingly wholesome as children's songs may seem, sometimes there are corpses buried under those mountains of spaghetti, and axe murderers behind those rainbowsExplanations of the song based upon "jimmy" or "jimmie" being slaves' slang for crows or mules (here being allowed into the old master's corn fields instead of being chased away) or deriving "jimmy" from "gimme" are unsupported by the existing recordsOne day he rode aroun' de farm, De flies so numerous dey did swarm; One chance to bite 'im on the thigh, De debble take dat blu tail fly1819 ???, Puerto Rico) North America: United States Sam Aleckson Jordan Anderson William J

^ A usage attested as early as the 18th centuryPickwick's Minstrel Show (eponymous) 1973: "Blue Tail Fly" by the Longines Symphonette (Folk Songs of the World) 1975: "Ballad of the Blue-Tail Fly" by Bryan Chalker (Songs & Ballads) 1976: "Blue Tail Fly" by Mass Production ("Mass Production Celebrates American Music) 1976: "Blue Tail Fly" by Kate Smith (Happy Birthday to America!) 1976: "Blue-Tail Fly" by Michael Cooney (Steamboat's a-Comin') 1977: "Jim Crack Corn" by Mike Seeger (American Folk Songs for Children) 1977: "The Blue Tailed Fly" by Johnny Richardson (Sing Along, Clap Along with Johnny Richardson) 1977: "The Blue-Tail Fly Calypso" by Pat Arthur (As Cozy as an English Pub) 1977: "De Blue Tail Fly!" by Chris Thompson (Minstrelsy) 1978: "Jimmy Crack Corn" by Liberty Belle (Yankee Doodle Disco) 1978: "Blue Tail Fly" by Disco Connection (eponymous) 1978: "Blue Tail Fly" by Johnny Puleo (Let the Good Times in with Honky Tonk Piano) 1979: "Blue-Tail Fly (Jimmy Crack Corn)" by Larry Groce (Disney's Children's Favorites) 1982: "Blue Tail Fly" by Michael Stevens (Country and Western) 1983: "Blue Tail Fly" by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Hooked on Classics3 Journey through the Classics) 1984: "Blue Tail Fly" by Rich Abao (Der Jger aus Churpfalz) 1985 (rec.): "Jimmy Crack Corn" by REM (Hail! Hail! Rock & Roll) 1986: "Jimmy Crack Corn" by Jackie Pack (Cookies, Critters, & Bears) 1987: "Jimmy Crack Corn" by Earl Robinson (Songs of the Working People) 1987 (rec.): "Jimmy Crack Corn" by Rick Danko (Live at Dylan's Cafe) 1991: "Olga Crack Corn", an instrumental by the Toy Dolls (Fat Bob's Feet) 1991: "Jimmy Crack Corn" by Oscar Brand (I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing) 1994: "The Blue Tail Fly" by Roaring Lion (Sacred 78's) 2008: "Jimmy Crack Corn (The Blue-Tail Fly)" by Tom Glazer (Tom Glazer Sings Honk-Hiss-Tweet-GGGGGGGGGG and Other Children's Favorites) 2010: "The Blue Tail Fly" by Frank Macchia (Folk Songs for Jazzers) Musical cameos 1867: "Augustus the Much and Evelina the Mucher" by Tony Pastor (Tony Pastor's Book of Six Hundred Comic Songs and Speeches) 1962: "Shticks and Stones" by Allan Sherman (My Son, the Folk Singer) Gimme Jack Cohen and I don't careOle massa gone, now let 'im rest, Dey say all tings am for de best; I neber forget till de day I die, Ole massa an' dat blue-tail fly Jim crack corn, &c"Horse flies and deer flies (Tabanidae)"(CHORUS)Woody GuthrieI'm gonna wrap myself in paperI'm gonna daub myself with glueStick some stamps on the top of my headI'm gonna mail myself to youI'm gonna tie me up with a little red stringI'm gonna tie blue ribbons tooI'm gonna climb up in my mailboxI'm gonna mail myself to you***************Now when you find me in your mailboxCut the string and let me outWash the glue right off of my tummyStick some bubblegum in my mouthTake me out of my wrapping paperWash the stamps right off of my headPour me full of some ice cream sodiesTuck me in to a nice warm bedRepeat First Verse( Tro/Ludlow Music, BMI)(1846)[1] O when you come in summer time, To South Carlinar's sultry clime, If in de shade you chance to lie, You'll soon find out de blue tail fly, An scratch 'im wid a brier tooHosted in Pre-1852 Minstrel Songs at Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture at the University of Virginia.^ Seeger related that Lomax claimed to have learnt the song from Dorothy Scarborough's collection[64] On the Trail of Negro Folk-songs.[14] ^ Holden, Stephen 89584491e5
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